Paz de las Aves

This small private reserve has become a birding sensation and is sometimes affectionately referred to as “the antpitta farm” Here Angel Paz, a local farmer, has gained the trust of some normally rare and shy forest species by offering them juicy worms. Yellow-breasted, Ochre-breasted, and Giant Antpittas are regularly seen here, and the local covey of Dark-backed Wood-Quail is seen sometimes too. Other forest birds regularly encountered are Golden-headed Quetzal, Olivaceous Piha, and Scaled Fruiteater. Crested Quetzal can occasionally be found at fruiting trees. There is also a lek where gaudy Andean Cocks-of-the-rock display at dawn, and Angel and his brothers have constructed a blind for excellent views. If you leave very early (05:00am) and arrive before first light, you can witness this spectacle at close range.

Yellow-breasted Antpitta is one of several antpittas that regularly come in to worms at Paz de las Aves.