Tandayapa Bird Lodge comprises of a main building (where ten of the rooms are located), and another outlying building with two further rooms. The main lodge has been designed with convenience in mind;there is no need to hike between your rooms and the dining area. The outer rooms are used for those who wish for more seclusion, away from the main building. The entire lodge is based within verdant cloudforest, on the western slope of the Andes in Ecuador, virtually on the equator. The lodge’s centerpiece is the balcony, where a series of feeders bring in a variety of hummingbirds species daily. Over 30 hummingbird species have been recorded, and usually more than a dozen species come in daily. Forest trails are available on site, and the lodge is situated within a core of excellent birding and nature areas, and so is often used as an extended base to visit these too.

All rooms are provided with private bathrooms, hot water, and 24-hour electricity. Meals are a combination of local cuisine, with plentiful Andean soups and fresh tropical fruit juices in particular, and international food. The lodge is tailored to the need of birders, photographers and other tourists. For example, breakfast times are flexible to suit the needs of an early rising birder, who needs to be in the field at dawn, or a relaxed visitor needing to sleep in first.

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