The lodge is well established not only as an excellent place to watch birds and hummingbirds but as a place to enjoy comfort, gastronomy and the wonders of nature.

Visits from Birding Adventures TV, National Geographic and the BBC Natural History Unit are proof of this.

Tandayapa Bird Lodge consists of a main building, where nine rooms are located, and another peripheral building with two more rooms.

The hostel has been designed with the comfort of each of its visitors in mind. The exterior rooms are used for those who want to be more in touch with nature and are 4 minutes from the main building. Each room has a private bathroom, hot water and electricity 24 hours a day. Internet service is around the social areas.

The main attraction of the lodge is the balcony, where a series of watering holes attract a variety of hummingbird species daily, approximately 16 different species of hummingbirds have been recorded fluttering around them and 26 species within the property. Easily accessible forest trails, waterfall, and our hideaway for special bird watching and photography complement our attractions.

Meals feature a combination of local and international cuisine, with Andean-style soups and fresh tropical fruit juices.

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