Birding at Tandayapa starts right on the patio. Early in the morning many birds come to feed on the insects that are attracted to the lights on the lodge walls during the night: Streak-capped Treehunter, Tricolored and White-winged Brush-Finches, Gray-breasted Wood-Wren, Slate-throated Redstart, White-winged Becard, Dusky-capped Flycatcher, and Three-striped and Russet-crowned Warblers are among the regular visitors. Mixed flocks of tanagers often pass through, stopping to feed on fruiting bushes at the right time of year, and Blue-winged Mountain-Tanagers, Golden Tanagers, and Red-headed Barbets come to eat the fruit put out for them outside the lounge windows, sometimes bringing Crimson-rumped Toucanets and Rufous Motmot with them. A forest blind is located just five minutes walk from the lodge, where early in the morning, more tricky birds like Scaled Antpitta, Zeledon’s Antbird, White-throated Quail-Dove, Rufous Motmot, Uniform Antshrike, Strong-billed Woodcreeper and Russet-crowned Warbler can appear. Walking the lodge trails may lead to some of the more hard to come by birds, such as Golden-winged Manakin, Golden-headed Quetzal, or Scaled Fruiteater. Being a birder  at Tandayapa is not just about birding the lodge, but also being well-positioned to visit a variety of other areas, both higher and lower in altitude to boost the bird list even further.