Tandayapa is world-renowned for its hummingbird photography, and with multi-flash setups available for rent, some photographers spend days trying to get hat perfect shot of a Booted Racket-tail or Violet-tailed Sylph. However there are many other things to shoot than just hummers! Fruit feeders often attract tanagers, barbets, toucanets, and more. The lodge leaves lights on at night to attract insects, which offer neat macro shots, and in the morning flycatchers, warblers, brush-finches, and other birds come by to feed on them, often coming in very close for superb photo opportunities. A forest blind is fun for shooting skulkers early in the morning – there is not much light in the forest, but with good gear and a tripod you can get shots of birds difficult to find elsewhere. For those wanting to go farther afield, day trips are possible to many other sites at both higher and lower elevations, offering opportunities to photograph many different species nearby.